In the introductory classes, I’ll share some of the secrets that I have uncovered so that we have a common foundation.  But, as always, the teachings are meant as an offering.  Whatever does not resonate, everyone is counselled, leave it, until and only if it serves you.

We’ll share our reactions, our stories, listen without judgment to other’s experiences of God, Judaism, other religions, community and self. Through the sharing of stories, song, learning, bread, we’ll begin to form connections, and community.

First intro class (all 3 recommended together, but each can stand alone):                                   New Torah for a Woke Life – First class on Thursday, 11/30/17 @ 7:00-9:00 p.m.,  Havurat Shalom, 113 College Avenue, Somerville/   We’ll unlock the secrets that Torah has kept throughout the ages, until this very time, when it is right to be revealing the mystery of who you really are. Ancient, universal wisdom revealing our true nature, each human’s unbreakable, direct connection with God, and teachings about our path to greater consciousness. We’ll strengthen ourselves internally, to be able to navigate the external chaos and darkness of the world. Learning, singing, some meditation and drawing/painting – led by R. Ora Weiss.  Introductory 3 classes 36/class. Don’t let $ be a barrier, if $ is a challenge, pay what you are able.      RSVP to – or just come if you have a last-minute opening/inspiration!

 intro class:
New Torah for a Woke LifeSunday, 1/7/18 @7:00-9:00 pm.   Intro class is now by donation, pay as you are able.  This class only: JAMAICA PLAIN location:  RSVP to for address.
No worries if you missed the first class – we’ll review what you need to know so you’ll be right there with us!
Second Intro class:
New Torah for a Woke Life: Abraham’s Rising Consciousness    Wednesday 4/4/18  
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.  Newton Centre    RSVP for address.

Experience a new Torah – universal principles given to set all peoples free! In this class, we’ll access Abraham’s hard-earned wisdom, gained through his challenging experiences. We’ll see how he pushes through his world-view to greater consciousness.

This is part 2 of 3 intro courses on Restorative Judaism, open to everyone. The first 15 minutes will review foundational teachings from part 1, so you will be on board with the essentials to understand where we are going (which is a very good place!)

Every one welcome to these free Intro classes – add your energy, your song, bring a friend or two, and we’ll see where we go!
Please RSVP if you think you will come,  for the address.

Third Intro class:
New Torah for a Woke Life: Next Steps in Consciousness with Nadav and Avihu
Rabbis spent the last 2 millennia debating what Nadav and Avihu did wrong, why they had to die. What if they did nothing wrong at all. What if they were, in fact, the original “conscientious objectors” –  to the sacrificial system.  Were Nadav and Avihu heretics, or higher consciousness heroes?  Or both!
Come learn this Torah – universal principles given to set all peoples free. The Torah that is calling to awaken you to who you really are.
This is part 3 of the Intro courses on Restorative Judaism, open to everyone.
The first 15 minutes we’ll review –  so it’s ok if you haven’t come before.
When:  Tuesday May 8,  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.
RSVP at for address.   Hope to see lots of you there!


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