Restorahtive Judaism: remembering your roots

My vision of Restorahtive Judaism has led me to begin seeding a new community.  We’ll study the hidden layers of Torah that urge us to find our true being. Much of what we’ll do in support of this work is embodied in the Hebrew word, zamor,  meaning both “to sing” and “to prune”.   We’ll sing together.  Singing is a great and powerful medicine, known since ancient times.  By vibrating inside through singing, and lifting our spirits, we are able to heal. We also raise our frequency by singing, which enables greater consciousness, and feeling the connection with Source within.   Then, we’ll prune, as we learn together from Torah:  prune from the sacred texts the older versions of truth that no longer serve, and which keep us from being all that we might be.

I bring these new layers of wisdom which I find in Torah to anyone with whom it resonates.  Our new community will welcome anyone who is willing to step beyond the traditional limits and forms, to the extent which these teachings have made us small, and step into Restorahtive Judaism.




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