Rabbi Ora Weiss is unlike any teacher I’ve ever had. She has an ability to unlock the mysteries of Jewish wisdom and teach Torah in a way that is both ancient and ahead of her time.  She combines a sharp intellect and gentle soulfulness and has gained mastery in text as well as energy healing work – all of which comes through in her teaching. To learn with her is truly a gift and an opportunity not to be missed.  –  Rabbi Sarah Tasman

               Rabbi Ora Weiss’s class “New Torah For A Woke Life” is truly eye-opening. Her teachings about the Torah as a story of moving into a greater consciousness both continues to honor and build upon our tradition and takes it to new uncharted territory. No description or summary can contain the wisdom of these teachings, you will just have to see for yourself and prepare for your mind to be blown! I left with a continued curiosity, another lens on an ever-unfolding text, and a grateful sense of wonder. Rabbi Weiss’s prayer leadership is inspiring and powerful as well. Lev Shalem is one of the rare experiences where it is just as engaging to those who have a strong relationship to Jewish prayer tradition, such as myself, as it is to those who have not yet encountered it. Our singing has breathed renewed life into rituals and liturgy, and much Spirit and sacred energy can be felt in our prayer space.      –  Itai Gal


Recently I attended Limmud Boston and had the pleasure of meeting Rabbi Weiss.
Hers was the first workshop for me and I can’t imagine a better way to have started
the day.  Her presentation titled Power of Light through Song and Silence  was
enlightening and beautiful.  She spoke of song and how it can raise your frequency
and touch your soul.  She also spoke of silence and how much it is needed.
“Silence as praise,” such a beautiful concept.  We sang and sat in silence together,
I see Rabbi Weiss as an extraordinary teacher, I left feeling truly enriched.                            –    Denise Gilbert



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